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Vol.3 July Now on sale(2022.June.13)

Cosplay to The Max post apocalyptic gear
Wez, Master Blaster, Max and Post apoc cosplay / AU.JPN.FR
V2A Monthly /UK
MAD SABA α report / JPN
The Stateo / AU
The history of Hudson Mad Max double barrel shotogun / JPN

Price of the first issue : 1100 JPY
A4 /32 pages English and Japanese text

Special set,Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 : 2500 JPY

Vol.2 June Now on sale (2022.May.10)

Last V8 cake and Mad Max 2 Booby trap (France)
Silverton Collective 2022 event report (Australia)
WEZ BIKE with Turbo (Japan)
V2A information (UK)
Mad Max 2 advertising development in Japan
and Rare Photos in 1981
Hahoning Drive-in Theater information (US)

Price of the first issue : 1100 JPY
A4 /32 pages English and Japanese text

Vol.1 May (2022.Apr.3)

Price of the first issue : 1100 JPY
B5 /20pages English and Japanese text


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MFP Sunglasses

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For Vol.5 feature
“FURY ROAD” advertising and promotional materials in 2015

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